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About Us

Welcome to our website. Benefits Solutions for Proprietors gives small business owners access to benefits similarly provided to workers of private, public, and nonprofit companies.  Benefits provide peace of mind, especially when unexpected situations occur, and financial security when working days end voluntarily or involuntarily. 


As a business owner you wear two hats – business and personal.  The financial strength of your business impacts the financial well-being of your family.  Therefore, financial protection is critical for your business and your family's greatest asset - YOU.  Benefits protect your business and your family.


Our objective is simple. Benefits Solutions for Proprietors uses a holistic approach to help you choose the benefits most appropriate for your business.  Some benefits such as a retirement savings plan, disability income, insurance or legal services are essential to any business operation, large or small. 


RETIREMENT:  When and what plans have you made to provide for your retirement income needs?  Have you considered the tax advantages of starting a business retirement plan?

DISABILITY:  In the event you experience a disability, will your salary be continued?  Do you know anyone that has had cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke?  Do you currently own a critical illness policy?

LIFE INSURANCE:  What do you want to happen to your business interest should you become disabled, die, or retire?  Would additional funds be needed to help the business pay for normal operating expenses?  Would your family be able to maintain their standard of living?

LEGAL SERVICES:  Do you prefer paying an hourly fee to a lawyer or having access to a law firm for an affordable monthly fee?  Do you have the time to search for a lawyer when an emergency arises for your business?


Our approach is direct. Benefits available through Benefits Solutions for Proprietors are administered by top-rated financial services companies represented by Mary Craft, proprietor (see list of Top 20 Carriers).  As an independent producer, Mary can comparison shop among these carriers and make recommendations based on the benefit(s) you identify as most important for your business and your family. 


Why choose us?

Whom you choose to do business with makes a difference. Several key reasons to choose us over others are:

  • Our financial services knowledge, experience, and credentials
  • Our integrity - the needs and goals of our clients is our priority
  • Our passion to empower others through financial education.

We’re proud to serve business owners and welcome your trust for all things financial!  Although we are located in the Washington DC Metro area, including Bowie, MD, Greenbelt, MD, Waldorf, MD, we welcome the opportunity to serve your colleagues who reside in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. As you know, the pandemic has changed the way most companies operate, and business is conducted almost exclusively online.